Where Did SZA Go to School & Did She Finish College?

SZA is currently making a splash with her chart-topping album S.O.S. and hit single “Kill Bill”, but it took her a while to reach the top. What did the R&B superstar do before finding success in the music industry and did she ever get the chance to finish college?

After going to a Muslim prep school in her youth, SZA spent her teenage years at Columbia High School. She was very interested in sports, including g gymnastics and cheerleading, but did she continue her education after graduating in 2008?

SZA tried going to college on several occasions after finishing high school, but she struggled to fully commit to her studies. She went to three different colleges before trying to study marine biology at Delaware State University, but eventually dropped out and worked many odd jobs to make money while trying to get her big break as a musician.

Despite her decision to drop out, SZA told Complex that she was “really good” at school and had good grades because she’s always been competitive, but she simply lacked the passion to commit to it long-term.

“I didn’t even take courses in school I couldn’t ace, I would take hard courses. I beasted out of philosophy, I was crazy at chemistry and biology. It was more of the experience of knowing that I could be the only black girl in my class and win. That’s how I am with everything,” the singer explained.

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