Where Should You Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity, and many people consider it a highlight of their college career. With so many interesting places to go, it can be overwhelming choosing just one. This quiz will help you narrow down what is the best fit for you. Get ready to pack your bags!

When you have a free afternoon – what do you like to do?

A – Try the new little boutique café and drink some tea

B – Take a surfing lesson

C – Check out an artists market and watch them do their work

D – Go to a local food market and hang around people who don’t speak my language

E – Eat some good fresh sushi

What is the best way to immerse yourself in a new culture?

A – Working on an organic farm with the local people

B – Having a drink on the beach with new friends

C – Learning a local traditional dance

D – Participating in a drum circle

E – Attending a traditional local ceremony

What would you like to see on a tour?

A – Exploring old cathedrals, unique mosques, and scary catacombs

B – Kayaking in the ocean and exploring caves

C – Touring ruins on top of a mountain

D – Taking a safari tour to see the wildlife

E – Visiting ancient temples and learning about different religions

Why do you want to study abroad?

A – I want to have an experience of living in another country (but also want to still speak English)

B – I want to develop professionally

C – I want to learn a different language

D – I want to have an adventure and get away from my routine

E – I want to try a lifestyle that is entirely different from what I know

In your abroad experience what do you see yourself wearing?

A – Fashionable shoes, a peacoat, and a nice pair of pants

B – A cute beach dress or shorts and flip flops

C – Hiking shoes, t-shirt, and practical pants

D – An airy top and comfortable pants

E – Conservative but comfortable clothes

What things would you most like to see in your time abroad?

A – Interesting historical places, where cultures collide

B – The ocean, with the fascinating creatures and coral reefs

C – The jungle! Doing a trek there would be awesome

D – Real lions, even better would be seeing a pack of them lying in the savannah  

E – A cute elephant showering

Which sports/culture event would you like to go to while abroad?

A – Cricket or Soccer – I can’t wait to see the passionate fans

B – Footy – an crazy mix of football, soccer, and rugby

C – Soccer or volleyball – I even want to join a pickup game

D – I’m not that interested in sports, spending the day playing with children sounds more fun

E – Basketball or a variety of martial arts – I like the serious competition

How do you like to travel?

A – I like to plan everything ahead, including all the reservations for every activity. I like to stick to the itinerary

B – I like to end every day in a neat bed, a hot bath and a good meal, especially since I like to spend the day out in the nature

C – I like to choose the last destination of the trip and decide on the way how to get there

D – I like my trip to be as authentic as possible. I prefer staying at traditional houses and traveling with locals

E – I like living on a low budget in the trip, plan as I go, and really just go with flow

What will you eat in your trip?

A – Hearty meals that include hashes, sauerkraut, fish and chips

B – Market fresh fruit and veggies to go with a big BBQ

C – A lot of meat, with potatoes and seasoning. Don’t forget the dessert!

D – Stews filled with fragrant herbs and spices that I can eat with my hands or bread, no utensils needed

E – Sticky rice, fresh seafood and veggies, and soups with tons of spice and flavors

Where will you stay while traveling?  

A – A private room in a clean hostel would be great. I’d love to attend organized events to meet other travelers

B –I’d pick a small hostel that accommodates people from all around the world and is very social

C – A homestay would be perfect for me or an affordable hostel where I can find people to travel with

D – Open fields or a hut where I can camp with a small group of people

E – In the city I’d like to stay in an elegant hotel room. In the jungle, a countryside hut works well.

What’s your favorite place to get away?

A – Cute, quiet cafe

B – Secret beach

C – Luxurious tree-house

D – Out in the wild

E – Calm and peaceful temple

If you marked mostly A’s you should go to…


You can go to cities like London or Paris that have been study-abroad favorites for years, but don’t forget there are a lot of other options too! Both Western and Eastern Europe have so many different things to offer, but both have some serious style and history.

If you marked mostly B’s you should go to….


The waves await you! Australia is a tropical paradise with blue water and white sands waiting just for you. Enjoy the good vibes and start your study abroad adventure in Australia, New Zealand or Fiji Islands.

If you marked mostly C’s you should go to…

South America!

South America is there to provide you the spontaneous travel experience you want, along with new languages to learn, welcoming people, interesting culture and ruins from ancient civilizations to explore. From Peru to Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and more, there really is so much to explore.

If you marked mostly D’s you should go to…


You have always dreamed of taking care of a tiger cub and your life turning into one big safari. Africa is the perfect place for you; get to know the whole continent from the nature to the culture. Popular places to start include Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, and Tanzania.

If you marked mostly E’s you should go…


Ancient cultures, modern cities, beautiful temples, and religions you never heard of can be found throughout Asia! You’ll have a unique diet in every country and there is just so much to see – from the Taj Mahal in India to the biggest crosswalk in the world in Tokyo. Every place in Asia is truly unique.


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