Which College is Your Perfect Match

Figuring out which college to attend is probably one of the toughest decisions you’ll make in your life and certainly the toughest one you need to make while in high school. But don’t worry too much, we are here to help! So before you start those campus visits – take this quiz and figure out what type of college is the best fit for you.

1. What are you most eager to see?

A. A championship game

B. Places around the world, I can’t wait to study abroad

C. Your name on an academic award

D. Your money in your savings account


2. How would you call your Facebook photo album featuring pics of your college experience?

A. Go Dawgs!

B. Shine all Year

C. Freshman Year: Life and Learning

D. Yup, This Happened

3. What is the thing you are most looking forward to in college?

A. Greek life and school spirit

B. Meeting other students who actually share the same interests as me

C. Learning the skills for my future impressive career

D. Graduating with a degree

4. Choose a sport from the following:

A. Football

B. I don’t really like sports

C. Rowing

D. Soccer

5. Between classes, where would you be found?

A. Roaming around the quad

B. Busy with a project for my extracurriculars

C. Finishing homework so I can go out later

D. Killing time by grabbing a cup of coffee

6. What type of class do you like best?

A. A lecture in a packed auditorium where there is no possibility of getting called on

B. A small class, that allows lots of discussion

C. A class that is challenging in and out of the class — so I can really push myself

D. A class that is fast and straight to the point

7. What would you do for a fun college date?

A. Go cheer on my school’s team together

B. Visit a local art gallery.

C. Find some kind of formal party

D. Eating at the Italian restaurant my family always go to

8. What would you like to wear to class?

A. Some old jeans and a school sweatshirt

B. That adorable dress I found in a boutique store in Milan

C. Cool shoes and some vintage jewelry

D. The first shirt I see in my closet

9. Which is the perfect roommate for you?

A. A social person that I can go out with and will go to every football game with me

B. Someone who loves culture and will go to interesting museums in the city with me

C. A person that studies a lot like I do but would love to have fun, too

D. I don’t think I’d like any kind of roommate.

10. The best party in your opinion is:

A. One that is packed with people and drinks

B. One that involves interesting conversation a cool variety of people

C. One that fits my “work hard, play hard” lifestyle

D. One with a lot of people I know already, including all my close to my friends

Mostly A’s: You should go to a State University!

The college experience you’re looking for is one that involves a football team to cheer for, tons of school spirit, a large campus that you can get lost on, and a roommate that will be your new best friend. A state university can give you all that! The benefits are lower tuition, a student population that is highly diverse, and a lot of activities you can do other than school.

Mostly B’s: You should go to a Liberal Arts College!

You love to learn and enjoy small classes that allows you to get more of the professor’s time and recognition.  Going to a small liberal arts college is just the place for you! There you can focus not only on your major but on a lot of different subjects, which will make you even smarter on graduation day.

Mostly C’s: You should go to an Ivy League school!

You dream big: you want a good career, you’re in it for the challenge, and you love pushing yourself to accomplish your big dreams. All these qualities make you a great applicant for Ivy League schools. Your life motto is probably “work hard, play hard”, and you will easily fit in with others who share this point of view. Not only is it a great education, it will be a great place for networking and meeting your future colleagues.

Mostly D’s: You should go to a Commuter College!

You love your comfort zone, and being near your family and friends will be good for you. You will be able to live at home and avoid all horrifying roommates. You will also save a lot of money and graduate without any debt! You can still have the classic college experience by meeting people between classes at the student center or going to a college sports game (at your own school or a friend’s), just with a lower price tag – plus you always have the option to transfer midway through.


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