White Rooms Are The New Trend

Everyone has their own style. People customize their hair, fashion choices, and even cars to create a very personalized aesthetic. Another key area where people are able to completely customize something in order to reflect themselves and their likes is with decorating their bedrooms. In the recent past, hanging posters, tapestries, and lights on your walls were some of the more trendy ways to personalize your space.

People chose specific patterns and colors that they loved when choosing their tapestries, painted their walls with their favorite colors, and hung hundreds of photos all over their walls. Now, though, there is another decoration trend that has been gradually emerging and making its way to the decorations of many young women.

This new trend is simplicity. White walls and white sheets and bedspreads have become increasingly popular recently. People who love this trend enjoy the neutral white because of its crips and clean appearance. Another popular thing to do when having most of your pillows, sheets, walls, carpets, and bedspreads white, is to choose one or two accent colors in order to incorporate in different areas around your room.

For instance, having your favorite color displayed as a pop of color against the stark white of your room is a perfect way to simplistically add a personal touch to your decor. For example, having a purple pillow, a gray pillow, and a sequined black pillow on your bed while everything else surrounding it is white is a pretty good way to make a statement.

This trend keeps on growing and is perfect for those who love simplicity and cleanliness.

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