White Tee – Less Effort More Style

You know those situations when you have to look serious on one side and then fun on the other side? Like going to the company annual picnic as an executive and but still be the one nobody afraid to sit next? Or family get-togethers where you want Aunt Susie to stop saying that you can wear a yellow dress to such an occasion or that black training? Well, there is one solution to all these cases (and all the cases you are thinking about, but we all know them) the famous White Tee. Yep, the simple white tee James Dean wore in every picture we have of him or Jennifer Beale walk around on Flashdance.

The white tee will always complement you and your figure, wear it with a nice pair of jeans (any kind will be a good combination). Fill your closet with few shirts some cuff (Like Dean used to wear) or V-Neck (like Beale), so you would be able to choose from when the time comes. No matter the occasion, you will look like you look good in anything you choose, effortless and not too uptight. But only one word of warning, white cloth do tend to show any ketchup stains or red wine spills, be extra careful when you are wearing the white tee. And most of all, feel free and fun just like what you wear.

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