Who Can You Expect as a College Commencement Speaker?

College graduation is one of the most exciting and most important times of a young adult’s life. Students look forward to graduation as soon as they step foot on campus during their senior year. One of the most anticipated announcements in regards to graduation for students is the announcement of who will be delivering their commencement ceremony speech. As the time nears for college graduations, many universities have announced the most likely scholarly speaker who will give the grand commencement speech.

Historically, these speakers are well-respected figures who are contracted to deliver an inspiring speech the current graduating class. Unfortunately, many of these speeches are long, difficult to sit through, and uninteresting to the audience who have no interest in the speaker of their story. People often remember the excitement of their graduation ceremony but don’t always remember exactly who the speaker was.

Who Can You Expect as a College Commencement Speaker?

In order to gain the students’ and the audience’s attention, colleges have started a trend of looking to celebrities or other successful and widely recognized people who have come from the respective university. Celebrities like Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, and many others have spoken at their alma maters for a commencement ceremony. Famous rappers are now even being added to the mix.

Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Sean “Diddy” Combs are all rappers who have previously delivered commencement speeches. This upcoming year, special college graduates will have the opportunity to hear speeches from will.i.am and Chance The Rapper.

With the tides turning to less traditional commencement speakers, universities are looking to find speakers who will engage with and grab the attention of students.

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