Why Community College is Different From a Regular One

When it comes to college, the American education system provides many options for higher education. There are community colleges, colleges, universities, and much more. Community college, aka junior college, is a two-year school that offers reasonably priced higher education as a pathway to a four-year degree.

According to data collected by the American Association of Community Colleges, there are 1,167 community colleges in the States. The degree that you get after completing a 2-year degree at a community college is called an associate’s degree.

Why Community College is Different From a Regular One

What are the advantages of attending such a college? First of all, students can save money as they cost much less than regular ones.  The average cost of public community college is $2,713 per year, while usually, the average cost of attending a public 4-year college is $7,605 per year… not exactly cheap!

Also, we are talking about public schools, while privates are much more expensive! Another good reason for choosing a community college is that it allows you to work while you are in school.

Most 4 year colleges are full-time colleges where you are not allowed to get a real job, in community colleges you can!

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