Why Getting Ready With Friends is the Best Part of a Night Out

Have you and your college friends got a fun event coming up? Maybe there’s a silent disco going on, or someone has invited you all to their party. Whatever the event, make sure you plan to meet your pals beforehand so you can get ready together—this can often be the best part of the evening! Check out these fun tips to make getting ready with your squad even more enjoyable.

Choose Some Great Tunes

Whether you’re listening to some blast-from-the-past nineties nostalgia or enjoying the freshest tracks, creating a good getting ready playlist is a must. Make sure it’s high energy, as this will help everyone get in the mood for a great night out together.

Prep Some Snacks

Getting ready can take time! Don’t forget to provide some snacks for everyone or ask everyone to bring something along so you can stay fueled in preparation for your night out.

Try It On

When you’re getting ready with friends, you don’t need to be limited to your own wardrobe. Why not suggest that everyone who wants to bring a few extra pieces with them, so you can all try on some different outfit options? This way, you can have a brand new look without any expense, and getting your friends’ feedback and advice on your style is always useful.

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