Why It Is Important To Build Your Resume From The Get Go

So, you’re finally accepted into your dream school. You can’t wait to embark on the journey and embrace the experiences that college will undoubtedly offer you. You can finally take a breath and relax now that the stressful admissions process is over. Because, after all, getting into college is the hardest and most stressful thing you’ve ever done up to this point in your life.

You spent hours doing community service and attending club meetings that you had no interest in just so you could put it on your resume. You participated in youth groups and the school play, and sports, and won a most improved award that you for sure incorporated into one of your application essays.

Why It Is Important To Build Your Resume From The Get Go

Up until this point, your high school career has been focused on proving to universities that while you are a good student, you have gone above and beyond the average qualifications of every other hopeful student. So, once you finally get into the school of your dream, you can finally stop building your resume, right?

Well, that’s not quite how it works nowadays. Yes, you may have had a previous resume filled with school clubs, AP classes, and other extracurricular activities.

Why It Is Important To Build Your Resume From The Get Go

However, in the real world when you are applying for jobs and internships, employers really don’t care about how many clubs you were in, how many intramural sports you played, or your community service involvement. And while all of those things are great to do, real-world experience trumps the fashion club that you were Vice President of Relations for.

If you are looking to truly put yourself out there and be a viable candidate in the real job market, you need to look for outside opportunities that can involve internships, jobs, abroad experience, and clubs specifically relatable to the field that you are going into.

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