Why it Is Important to Call Home Every Once in a While

One of the most thrilling things for any teenager embarking on their college experience for the first time is the freedom that they will be living with. For many kids during their high school years, their parents had a long list of rules and regulations that they were expected to abide by.

For example, strict curfews, rules about not closing the bedroom door if your boyfriend or girlfriend was over, and even rules regulating how many cookies you could eat after dinner. All of the rules that once seemed to cage you into the overbearing cage of your parents’ expectations have now, suddenly, been completely released.

You find yourself completely free of curfews and other rules that have been strictly imposed on you for years. However, it is pretty important to still remember and be respectful of your parents. Odds are that if they were super controlling of your behavior for the past 18 years of your life, it is because they ultimately care about your safety above all else.

Why it Is Important to Call Home Every Once in a While

Calling home every once in a while is a simple way to let your parents know that you are alive and well and capable of living away from them without any excessive injuries or illnesses. It may be easy to forget to call your parents every day, especially because college schedules can be extremely busy.

But, make it a goal to call your parents at least once or twice a week just to let them know how you are doing and also to check in on them as well.

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