Why It’s Not the End of the World if You Go to a Different College to Your Significant Other

If you are heading to college soon then no doubt you will be feeling super excited. Moving to a new city and starting a new chapter in your life is a huge step and something to feel proud of. However, if your significant other is heading to a different college in a different place then you may well be feeling sad and worried about this. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t feel too bad in this situation. 

It’s Exciting to Focus on Yourself 

As mentioned, moving to college is a huge step in life. It’s a real leap into independent living, and you will meet so many new people and learn more about yourself. It’s nice to just have yourself to focus on during this time, without worrying about how your partner is doing all the time. You may find it easier to make friends and enjoy getting more involved with campus life. 

It’s Fun to Visit Each Other

If you head to the same college, then seeing each other will feel like any other day. It’s nice to be in different places so that visiting each other becomes a special experience. You also get to see what life’s like in a different city and meet your significant other’s friends, while they get to enjoy the same things when they visit you.

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