Why Mental Health Days Are Good For College Students


Obviously, college classes are hard. Managing all of the class work, homework, and studying for exams can be extremely tiring and can have an apparent effect on your mental and physical well being. Sleepless nights fueled by caffeine can often lead to illness and when you’re so far from home without the sympathy of your parents, it can be extremely difficult to manage.

Along with cumbersome school work, college social life can also cause mental distress. Drama fights between friends, and feelings of guilt when you aren’t able to go to the plans that you had previously committed to all pile-up and can really cause a lot of stress- even more stress possibly than you experience due to school work and studying itself. Because of all of this stress, it is very important to take mental health days, especially when it seems like you can’t afford to take time off from your busy schedule.

Why Mental Health Days Are Good For College Students

When you are constantly bombarded with work and surrounded by a ton of drama, it can be extremely overwhelming and can result in you feeling depressed, having really low self-worth, and even making yourself sick and tired. In order to overcome this, you have to allow yourself a chance to breathe. When you recognize the signs of being extremely overwhelmed, make a mental note and do something that will relax you.

It is okay to have to skip a night out with friends and lay in bed. It is okay to put your phone down for a moment while your friend is gossiping to you in order to enjoy a yoga class. It is necessary to take time for yourself in order to refresh.

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