Why this E-Cig is Trending on College Campuses

If you are in college, you have most likely heard about the latest craze in smoking, the Juul. The Juul is an e-cigarette like a product that many teens and young adults have been turning to as an alternative to smoking other substances or even just to seem cool. Juuls have become one of the hottest selling items in the smoking and vaping market in the past six months, even though the Juul has been around for about two years.

E-cigarettes vary from normal cigarettes in that they are battery powered and convert the liquid in the appliance to vapes which are inhaled by the consumer. This allows the consumer to inhale nicotine without the tobacco, burning sensation, or bad taste of a traditional cigarette. People usually think of e-cigarettes as a safer option than normal ones.

Why this E-Cig is Trending on College Campuses

However, Juuls and other e-cigarettes can also be highly addictive and inhaling anything into your lungs is never a great thing to do in terms of health. Vaping has become extremely popular in the past few years and the Juul is just the newest addition to the popular trend. Juul pods are offered in a variety of flavors that contribute to the addictive factor that continuously cause students to constantly re-purchase Juul pods.

Because the trend has become so popular among teens, many teens who are actually too young to purchase e-cigarettes legally have turned to ask their older friends and siblings to buy them for them and these younger teens are just as present with showing off their Juuling sessions on their social media accounts.

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