Why You Need a Roommate Chore Chart

For many people who have grown up in a house with their family for their whole lives, they are used to having some sort of space that’s their own and if they are lucky, their parents may do the majority of their household chores.

While moving out of your parents’ house to attend school can be very exhilarating and freeing, it can also be a time when certain responsibilities need to be learned.

If you are moving in with a roommate for the first time, especially if they have never had any chores that they have had to do in the past, they may be accustomed to having their dirty dishes washed for them, their laundry is done for them, and their beds made for them by their parents.

Why You Need a Roommate Chore Chart

And sometimes it takes people who have grown up with these circumstances longer to adjust to having responsibilities of their own.  In order to avoid having to do all of the work, it could be beneficial for you to create a chore chart.

A simple chore chart with a checklist including cleaning the kitchen towels, taking out the trash, unloading the dishwasher, and sweeping or vacuuming the floor is an easy way to distribute responsibilities and keep each other and yourself accountable for contributing to the cleanliness of your dorm or apartment.

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