Why You Should Live In A Dorm If You Have The Option

A vast majority of big universities require first-year students to live in some sort of on-campus housing. Whether that housing is dorm or apartment style, it may seem like a lot to handle, especially if you are just starting school and are used to the excess space at your parent’s house back home. The thought of sharing small quarters with someone you barely know can be pretty daunting and nerve-wracking.

You don’t always know what kind of roommate you will end up with. Will they steal your stuff, eat your food, or constantly have people staying with them overnight? All of those concerns are completely valid, and for those who are genuinely nervous about sharing such a confined space with a roommate for a year, here are some reasons why living in a dorm freshman year is a must for that cool college experience.

Why You Should Live In A Dorm If You Have The Option

First off, you may end up loving your roommate. They may become your very best friend. And if you don’t like your roommate, no worries! There are plenty of other people in the building or even on your hall that you can connect and build friendships with. Another reason is that it will keep you in the loop. Living on campus near all of your friends is beneficial when you are someone who doesn’t like to be excluded.

Odds are, if you live in a freshman dorm, you will be front and center for hearing all of the latest gossips, making lunch plans with a group of people, and finding out when the next concert is. Lastly, it’s truly an experience that you won’t forget. You will make so many memories living in your freshman dorm and even though they may seem like struggles at the time, they will ultimately be fond memories, moments to laugh at, and will shape the beginning of your college career.

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