Why You Should Start Mind Mapping

Mind maps are wonderful visual tools that help you capture your thoughts in a diagram form. Sometimes these thoughts pop into your head while you’re on the go and you need somewhere to put those thoughts so you don’t forget them later. Thankfully,  Apple has an app for that. Lighten: Mind Mapping proudly created by XMind lets you create your mind map with quick simple taps.

It is an app for the best way to clarify thinking, boost productivity, brainstorm, and visualize concepts from your device. It offers a perfect balance between powerful features and ease of use. You can choose a theme, use folders for organization, add notes, make to-do lists, and have topics stand out with stars. The app is available for both iPhone and iPad and offers iCloud support.

Why You Should Start Mind Mapping

Instead of using only words, mind mapping software lets you use images and other visual data to brainstorm, save, and come up with new ideas that connect others together. Software like XMind is designed to let you do this at your computer with ease. You can start with a central topic and then create branches from that topic which hold new or related topics. It lets you see how everything is connected. With this app, you have the power to share and receive other mind-maps, such as thoughts quickly written down during a meeting, so you’ll easily be able to understand other people’s point of views easily and clearly.

The mind mapping app supports to-do lists with tri-state checkboxes to help you make schedules and do task management, boost your productivity, and save more time. You can also star an important topic to highlight to make it eye-catching and easy to remember and understand.

Lighten, seamlessly working with your imagination, makes your work more efficiently than ever.

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