Why Every Student Should Study Abroad

According to most students, they will tell you studying abroad will be one of the most beneficial and amazing experiences for a college student. It gives you the chance to enhance your education while seeing the world. You are given the opportunity to study outside of a classroom and see the things you’re learning about right in front of you, in real life rather than from a text book. This is a different way to learn about your major, and possibly helps you to understand it more. Studying abroad majorly benefits those who are taking classes that go along with the language spoken in that particular area. For instance, a Spanish major or minor will most likely study abroad in Spain, where they can immerse themselves in the language where it is most naturally spoken. This will help them to gain a better understanding when they are listening as well as helping them to speak it more fluently and naturally.

Studying abroad is usually the first time many college students are ever leaving the country. Their whole life they have heard of the different cultures across the world, but this gives them the chance to experience the different cultures, foods, traditions, and lifestyles. This could spark an interest in the students to try something new, such as fishing for shrimp indoors in Taiwan, or trying dog meat with your friends in Vietnam. Another benefit of studying abroad is the lifelong friends you’ll make, whether you met them within the program you’re with, or along the many places you’ll travel, making lifelong long distance friends. Once you leave, you’ll know you will always have a good reason to go back to the places you’ve visited – to see those good friends you made.

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity that no one should pass up. As you get older, you get busier with a job which becomes a career, a relationship which becomes a marriage which leads to a family. Take advantage of these opportunities while you’re young because you may not have the time later to do them. These will be some of the greatest times of your lives and memories you will never forget. Studying abroad is perhaps one of the best opportunities that should not be passed up. It is an experience unlike any other.

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