Woman Gives Up Entire Wedding For Charity

A wedding is a day most people look forward to whether it’s truly grand and spectacular or a private day with close family and friends. For this woman, one thing was more important to her than having her dream wedding.

Jenna Yorkovich canceled her entirely planned wedding seven weeks prior to the event date. Since many costs such as the catering and venue were non refundable, Jenna could’ve figured out ways around the situation to raise her money. Instead, Jenna decided to completely host an event to help families with hospitalized children. 

The bride to be admits, “I decided that even though I had just made one of the hardest decisions in my life, that there was no reason to sit around and be sad forever, but rather to turn one love story into another.” This truly was a breathtaking gesture. 

Being an employee at a children’s hospital, Jenna had more than 150 people show up to the event to join her and her family. Although she could have had the night of her life eating cake, dancing and snapping photos she decided to make such a selfless decision to help serve a local charity. In addition to that, her planned honeymoon could not be refunded either so instead she is soaking up the sun with her mother in the Dominican Republic.

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