Woman is Compensated $14,000 for Crazy Haircut

This is every woman’s nightmare. Getting to the hairdresser, asking for a specific haircut and ending up with the hair of a crazy person.

One side longer than the other, a bold part, a mix of color, everything could go wrong. This woman left the hairdresser with such a bad haircut that she developed depression after it and was unable to work and mostly, show up at work like that.

The victim’s name is Donna Smith. She went into a Manchester salon with long hair and she asked for a light brown, layered look. What she got was a cropped cut, bleached so heavily that she had to shave it off and wear a wig. She lived every woman’s nightmare.

“I heard her with a pair of scissors and I remember thinking ‘what’s she doing?’ It turned out she was cutting away my melted hair. The bottom of my neck started to sting a little and that’s when I started thinking ‘Something isn’t right here.”

It seems like the script of an horror story, but it’s all true. When Donna washed her hair at home it started to fall off and she was forced to make the decision to shave it off. She later had to buy a $1600 (£1000) wig to cover it. She literally started suffering depression because of it.

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