10 Cheap, But Fun Dates

We know that college kids have high expectations with low budgets so we decided to come up with some good cheap dates that don’t involve watching Netflix in bed for the 5th night in a row.

  1. Go bowling. Bowling alleys are often cheaper during the week and some places have things such as “date nights” or “student nights.” Extra points if you two decide to go to a cheap bar and drink a little before the date- simple activities like bowling could be way more fun if you’re a little buzzed. If you want to make things really interesting you can always place a bet on the bowling winner.
  2. Go to a local arcade. Win each other prizes, or even make bets on the fun video games.
  3. Get a bottle of wine, rent a bike, and drive to the nearest beach or park to watch the sunset. If you want, you can even buy some cheap snacks and have a picnic. Maybe even bring speakers or board games to give yourselves an activity to do.
  4. Go hiking- that’s a date that can be virtually free! Plus you two can get great Instagram posts out of it.
  5. Fly kites, rent boats, or play a sport in your local park
  6. Watch the stars
  7. Go camping
  8. Build a fort, and them maybe you can watch Netflix in a more creative way
  9. Find a new nearby neighborhood and walk around. Even if you don’t buy anything there may be some fun restaurants and stores to just look at.
  10.  Go to a museum or a zoo

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