15 Things to Look Forward To The Summer After Your Freshman Year of College

  1. A full sized bed again. That lofted Twin XL was cool for awhile….
  2. Your parent’s cooking. You loved the freedom and options of dining hall food, but maybe it’s time to eat some vegetables on a more regular basis again.
  3. Reuniting with your high school friends. You might not have kept in touch as much during the busy year, but now you can get together and swap stories.
  4. Your local diner, bakery, popsicle stand,etc. Trying new things in College Town is fun, but no one makes the classics like your hometown!
  5. Sleep! No more tests and all-night study sessions, take this time to recharge.
  6. Family vacation. Beach anyone?
  7. The glow ups. Everyone looks a little different after college…when did Chris get that tall??
  8. Study abroad! You’re in that unique window of time where you might not even know what your major is going to be yet. Knock some general ed credits out of the way or explore your intended major a little deeper while in other countries.
  9. No more shower shoes. Ah, the confidence that comes with knowing you aren’t a risk for a staph infection in your own shower.
  10. Just relaxing!
  11. Seeing your pets for more than a weekend. They missed you, too!
  12. A fun summer job. When you’re too busy at school to work also, you can use the time off to make some spending money.
  13. All those appointments you’ve been putting off. Hope you’ve been flossing?
  15. Getting excited to go back and see your new friends!

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