3 Reasons to Take Up Dog Walking 

As a student, you may well feel that your time is pretty stretched. Fitting in classes, studying, socializing, and resting is a challenge. But if you have some spare time in your week and feel like filling it up, then consider taking up dog walking. There are plenty of websites and apps that connect dog owners with potential dog walkers, so here are three reasons to try it out.

Spend Time With Dogs

Whether you end up solely walking one dog each week or have multiple furry friends that you walk with, this is one of the best and easiest ways to have good contact with some canine pals. It’s a well-known fact that spending time with animals is a great boost for mental wellbeing.

Helping Out the Owners

Often people looking for people to walk their dog simply can’t find the time themselves to do it. Whether it’s due to work or family commitments, this can be a difficult situation to be in. Having people like yourself who can offer your time each week is such a huge help which will be a great feeling for you.

Great Exercise

If you love the sound of dog walking but are wondering how you’d fit it in, the great thing about it is that it’s a good form of exercise. So you can feel like you’ve achieved plenty of your weekly goals after an energetic run around the park with your furry pal. 

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