Here’s Why You Should Book Regular Sessions with Your Tutors 

Your standard week at college is most likely packed with classes and study sessions and any free time you have you may feel is best used to relax in a cafe or park on campus. Of course, you need those chill moments to switch off, but it’s also important to try to plan sessions with the tutors and professors from your course when possible. Here’s why. 

Helps You Get to Know Each Other

Many students go through their college experience without really getting to know their teachers. This isn’t the end of the world, but it can put you in a much better position if you and your tutors are familiar with each other. You will feel more comfortable contributing to seminar discussions, and having a face to your name will help them to understand your work more deeply. 

You Can Ask for Tailored Support

Having these one-to-one sessions with students is part of the tutor’s role and something you should take full advantage of. Having regular sessions allows you to ask for support for any ongoing issues you might face with your studies as well as when you have an upcoming assignment that is causing you stress. They will likely get booked up around assignments, so having regular sessions will allow you to still see them near this time.

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