3 Reasons Why Cleaning Your Room Benefits Your Mental Health

We’ve all had days where the thought of cleaning just feels like a step too far. However, if you’ve got exams coming up or plenty of coursework stress to contend with, cleaning your room (or house) can be a great way to feel productive, release stress, and improve your overall mood. Check out these three significant reasons why keeping your room neat can boost your well-being.

Stress Buster

If you haven’t been doing much physical movement recently, cleaning your room thoroughly can be a great way to release some anxiety and get back into the habit of exercise. While vacuuming and dusting aren’t going to burn the same amount of calories as a full-on gym workout, they will get your heart rate up and you should feel more energized afterward.

Embrace Your Space

If you’re living in shared accommodation, your room is your only space which you can claim as your own. Taking pride in your room, and making an effort to make it look as good as possible, will boost your mood and help you feel relaxed, whether you are studying in your space or trying to wind down after a long day.

Clean Room, Clear Mind

Why not take the opportunity of cleaning your room to sort through some of your old things? Everyone has a pile of old postcards, worn-out sneakers, and battered textbooks that they keep meaning to sort through. By facing this task, you will feel productive, and there will be more space in your room for the things you value.

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