3 Tips to Help You Be More Alert for Morning Classes 

Mornings are certainly not for everyone with many people finding themselves to be more awake and alert as the day goes on. Even if you do identify as a morning person, there are times when those early classes are still a struggle. Either way, here are three tips to help you feel more awake and switched on for those morning classes. 

Get Some Exercise Beforehand

This can be as simple as walking to the class instead of taking public transport. Or perhaps you feel like getting a run or a gym session in before heading to class. Whatever your choice, having this activity before you sit down for the lesson will give you a great energy boost and help you to properly wake up. 

Bring Some Cold Water

If you feel like it, popping a few ice cubes in your water bottle would be ideal, or if not then just leave the bottle in the fridge overnight. Sipping water can help you to maintain focus, and when it’s cold the effects are even better. 

Listen to Some Upbeat Music On the Way

If your usual music choices are a bit calm and low energy, then choose some upbeat, energetic music for your journey there instead. Having this high-energy sound will give you a mood and energy boost that will last throughout the class.

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