3 Ways to Improve Your Study Focus in The Evening

For some people, the idea of working in the evenings sounds like the worst thing in the world. However, for others the evening is the most productive time of the day. Whether you’re choosing to work in the evening because it suits you better, or you need to fit in some extra study sessions to meet a looming deadline, check out these top tips on increasing your evening productivity and focus.

Try An Afternoon Power Nap

For many people, the idea of an evening study session is awful because they just feel too tired to focus by 6pm. However, this can be remedied by a focused, limited power nap at 2 or 3pm. Be strict with yourself – set your alarm for 20 minutes and no longer, and don’t let yourself lounge around in your pajamas for an hour in the afternoon after waking up. Treat it as a quick reset and refresh, and you may be surprised to discover that working in the evenings is easier than you thought.

Eat An Early Dinner

Trying to work while your stomach is rumbling is never fun. If you plan to eat dinner by 6pm, you can have an hour relaxing post-dinner and still have enough time left before bed to get some significant work done. Eating early also improves your overall sleep and digestion, meaning you’ll wake the next day feeling refreshed and ready to take on more work.

Set Up Your WorkSpace

Trying to get work done in the evening while you’re sprawled on the sofa, watching someone else’s Netflix series out of the corner of your eye, is never going to be effective. Set up a proper work station for yourself, away from any tempting distractions. It’s also a good idea to limit your evening work session, so it doesn’t impact on your sleeping schedule.

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