3 Ways to Make Friends While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to learn more about another culture and, of course, make new friends along the way. But how do you meet people in a completely new place? Here are a few tips. 

Join University Clubs or Organizations

Universities often have clubs and meetups focusing on different interests like sports, arts, or academic interests. Joining these groups can be a great opportunity to meet people who share your passions. When you already have one thing in common, it can be easier to start up a conversation and, before you know it, a friendship. 

Explore Group Travel or Activities

Joining group trips, outings, or sports activities is a great way to meet new people. You can see if local hostels have any events or trips scheduled. Exploring your host country’s landmarks, trying local cuisine, or participating in outdoor activities is a natural way to connect with people. Plus, you’ll already have some shared memories from your activity. 

Be Open-Minded and Approachable

Most importantly, approach each interaction with an open heart and mind. Initiate conversations, show interest in others’ cultures and experiences, and don’t waste too much time being shy. A warm smile and willingness to connect are often the key to new friendships.

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