3 Ways To Meet People Outside of Class

If you’re at college, it’s often easy to meet new people and make friends with others who are studying the same subjects as you. However, it can be nice to branch out and meet a wider range of people from across the student community. Here are three ways to meet a range of people when you’re at college.

Join Social Groups

One of the best ways to meet a wider range of people is to find a social group that is focussed around something you enjoy and to check this out. Whether the group is into hiking, bread baking, or choral singing, the important thing is that you will meet people who share your interests and this is always a great basis for friendship.

Try Out For a Team

Whether you love or loathe sports, you’ve got to admit that all of that teamwork is great at building camaraderie and strong friendships. Most colleges will have casual sports groups, alongside the more serious teams, so if you want to try it out it’s a good idea to join one of these.

Volunteer in The Community

Offering some of your time to support others in the community is a great way to step outside of the college bubble and meet new people. Whether it’s doing some community gardening, offering to walk a neighbor’s dogs, or spending time chatting with older people, volunteering can really boost your well-being and sense of connection with others.

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