3 Ways To Stay On Top Of Your Hydration

We all know that drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated throughout the day is essential in terms of our overall health and with regards to our cognitive performance. You’re never going to ace that exam or create a brilliant conclusion to your paper if your brain feels sluggish and slow due to dehydration. However, staying on top of hydration can be challenging, especially when you have one hundred other things on your to do list. These tips and tricks should help you focus on drinking enough, which will have a real benefit to your ability to focus and concentrate on your studies.

Get A Labelled Bottle

There is a reason why those water bottles with labels monitoring the time and amount of water that should have been consumed are so popular—for many people, they really work. Once you know how much water you should have consumed by 10am, it makes it easier to work towards those hydration goals and keep on track of them.


If you know you’re going to be running around town all afternoon completing chores, or if you’re hoping to do a really intense work out at the gym, hydrate yourself in anticipation. This doesn’t mean chugging water until you feel uncomfortable, just make sure that you’re mindful of your water consumption and frequently topping up your water bottle or glass.

Use Mealtimes As A Reminder

If you’re struggling to drink water throughout the day, use meals as a way of re-hydrating. Make sure you have a large glass of water with breakfast, lunch and dinner, and this will go a long way to ensuring you’re healthily hydrated. It may also pay to be mindful of the food you’re eating—salads and fruits will contribute towards your overall hydration levels.

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