How to Balance a Part-Time Job With Studying

Studying can be stressful at the best of times, but what about if you need to work alongside your course? For many students, this is simply the reality, as college would not be possible without some income on the side. If you’re currently struggling to balance your course workload with your actual job, then check out these tips for regaining some control.

Plan Ahead

Ask your manager at work to give you your schedule as far in advance as possible. This will allow you to plan, see which days you’ll be busiest on, and plot some time off for yourself too. Once you’ve got your work schedule, create a study schedule and pin them both up on your wall so you have a visual of the week, fortnight or month ahead. Don’t forget to give yourself a break, too – constantly working and studying will lead to burn out, fast.

Maximize Earnings

Reflect on whether there are ways to work slightly less hours but still earn a similar amount. Whether it’s shifting to a role which allows you to collect tips, working at weekends or in the evenings for a slightly higher hourly rate, or taking on some tutoring in the subject you’re studying (hourly rates for tutors can often be pretty high), investigate whether you could cut down your work without cutting down your earnings.

Use Your Summer

Almost all college students get pretty decent holidays, especially over the summer months. Again, it is really important to take a break and switch off from work and studying. However, it could be a good idea to pick up more shifts over some of the summer, so that you can top up your overall earnings for the year at a time when you don’t have the pressure of studying.

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