5 Things You Should Never Wear in a College Classroom

The clothes we wear allow us to present ourselves to the world, and it’s important to make the right choice in certain settings. A college classroom is one of them, and there are certain fashion items that are best avoided if you want to make a good impression on your professor and classmates.

Revealing Clothes

Most universities have their rules about not wearing revealing clothes to class, ranging from low-cut tops to shorts and skirts that show too much skin.

Ripped & Baggy Clothes

No matter how trendy they might be, ripped jeans and baggy clothes don’t belong inside a college classroom because they’ll make you look sloppy and unprofessional.

Open-Toe Shoes

Flip flops and beach sandals aren’t such a great choice for college classes. In addition to being too casual for this setting, they’re also not secure and supportive enough for daily wear.

Party Outfits

Even if you partied all night and had to go to your lectures early in the morning, it’s highly recommended to find some time to change because party attire will make you look unprofessional.

Sunglasses Indoors

Some college students think it’s a good idea to mask a hangover by wearing sunglasses indoors, but this is actually a huge no-no because you’ll be drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.

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