5 Tips for Making Flashcards That Actually Work

Flashcards are one of the most popular study tools on the market, and they can be quite effective – as long as you use them properly. We’re bringing you five useful tips and tricks that you should consider embracing if your flashcards are giving you any trouble.

Short & Simple

Putting too much information on your flashcards is a huge no-no. Keep things short and simple when writing them, and try to focus on a single keyword, concept, or definition per flashcard.

Organizing Content

Organize your flashcards by related subjects and topics to make it easier to go through them, and consider using the color-coding technique for better organization.

Visual Aid

If you’re a visual learner, consider using diagrams, charts, or images on your flashcards because combining pictures and words can significantly boost your memory.

Testing Over Learning

Keep in mind that flashcards are primarily used as a tool to test your knowledge. Don’t use them as your only study aid, and make sure to also go through your textbooks and notes instead of solely relying on flashcards.

Repeat Tough Questions

When going through your flashcards, consider setting aside the ones that gave you trouble. Reviewing all your flashcards is important, but you should give special attention to the ones you’re always getting wrong.

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