9 Graduation Gifts that Won’t End Up in Storage

When it comes to asking for gifts from family members and close friends, you may feel uncomfortable, regardless of the occasion. In reality, if you are graduating from university and someone offers to treat you to something special, telling them what you really want is not an imposition (assuming you don’t go overboard!)


In fact, asking for something you actually want will ensure that you will use the gift, and that their money is not going to waste. You have just achieved a huge milestone and are entering a new chapter of your newly adult life, which truly does give you the opportunity to ask for what you’ve got your eyes on. With this new step in life, there are some additions to your wardrobe and apartment you will need to feel, look and present yourself in the best, most mature way possible.

Whether you’re going into your first corporate job or planning to take 6 months to travel the world, there are some gifts that are truly timeless and you will want at some point in your life. So, when your great aunt offers to buy you something nice and gives you a generous price range, do not turn her down! Use this as an opportunity to save a few bucks and get something extra special.


1. A nice watch is something that will never go out of fashion, and something you can wear every single day. There is a large price range for watches, so it should not be too difficult to find something you like. Something simple and not too flashy will be the best bet and will ensure what you will have plenty of chances to wear it.


2. While a travel suitcase doesn’t seem exciting, it is something that will come in handy for work trips or short vacations. Nice luggage can be more expensive than you may anticipate and is something that your relatives won’t mind splurging on. Tumi and Away Travel has really great travel sets for both men and women. They come in loads of colors and styles – you definitely will be able to find something that suits what you are looking for on these two websites.

9 Graduation Gifts that Wont End Up in Storage

3. A new laptop before starting a new chapter of your life is always a good idea. Asking for the newest MacBook is a decision you will not regret because it is something you will use every single day post graduation, regardless of what career you choose to pursue. When you’re starting your first job, you’ll probably notice that your co-workers don’t have their laptops covered with the stickers they’ve collected through college. When you ask for a new laptop, also make sure that you pick up a new case. As fun and cool stickers are, it is time to start fresh!

9 Graduation Gifts that Wont End Up in Storage


4. A beautiful pair of earrings or a simple necklace make the perfect gift. Both of these pieces of jewelry are perfect for work and any kind of event. Either small diamonds or pearls are more than appropriate for day- to day and are a great gift to receive from your loved ones. You can find these pieces pretty much at any jewelry shop or online.

5. A nice wallet is the perfect gift for a recent graduate. After college, it’s time to ditch the wristlet that has seen every fraternity party you attended. A real wallet is perfect for starting this new stage of your adult life. A wallet is something people generally do not think about as a typical graduation gift, but they are items in everyone’s wardrobe that should not be overlooked.

Overall, most people in the real world do not use Adhesive Cell Phone Wallet stickers once they graduate from university. If you are not into buying leather products, there are several fashionable companies and designers that have vegan “leather” goods, like the wallet pictured below by Stella McCartney.

6. A nice backpack is something you might not have in your closet yet, or something you think you would need after school, but it is in fact something you will need for the next jobs in your near future. This is also something you probably won’t want to spend your own money on, which makes a great gift from family.

Tumi has amazing backpacks in countless color options, and you can even choose to match it with your new suitcase!

9 Graduation Gifts that Wont End Up in Storage


7. A good speaker is something you may already have, but an upgrade for your new apartment or place never hurts. You can get one that you can bring into the shower, or even one that is loud enough to host a party or pregame.

Speakers are cheaper than most of the other gifts previously mentioned, so you can ask for this from someone you are not as close to or that you don’t think may want to spend so much money on your graduation gift. Bose speakers and Amazon products are really great and last for a long time.


8. A nice coffee machine! If you are a big coffee drinker going into your first real full time job, you will never have enough coffee. A good coffee machine is a staple in any home, for yourself and for any guests you may have. If you need pods for this machine, remember to ask for a few packets while you’re at it because they can be pricey! It is time to ditch the instant coffee mix and step your game up.


9. Fancy candles are always a nice gift for those who love to have time to themselves for rest and relaxation. While candles can be more of a personal thing to choose because some people are picky about scents, there are some companies like Jo Malone who make standard, incredible smelling candles that are easy to find and that most people enjoy a lot.

There is also a wide price range for candles, and you do not need to ask for the most expensive ones on the market.



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