The Complete Guide For Freshman Classes

Your first year in college can be daunting and there will be a variety of new, exciting and ultimately very confusing things to deal with and manage. The key of course is to know what to expect and to be organized in this regard.


When looking at your college schedule for the first time it is important to remember that all your classes will vary according to the subject and departmental structures. One of the most exciting things about college is that you will be exposed to a wide range of different classes and teachers that will only benefit you as a student.

Your schedule can be completely varied with classes being held weekly or daily and their length will depend on this. It is also important to know the difference between the styles of classes ranging from lectures and discussion sessions to seminars and labs.


Lectures are the most commonly identified class types with the largest amount of students in attendance and generally delivered by a professor. This is the least interactive with the professor delivering the material over the course of the class. Following this style of delivery, most lectures have a follow up discussion session, whereby smaller groups of students, under the guidance of a teacher’s assistant sit and go over and discuss the material.


Alternatively, your subject may offer seminars, which provides the opportunity for a smaller group of students are able to sit, listen and discuss material with professors. Lastly you may be able to attend lab sessions, which provides practical experience within your chosen academic field, including things like Science experiments or biological dissections.

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