A Hangover Cure Has Been Invented By 2 Yale Students So Shots Are On Us

There is absolutely nothing worse than waking up the morning after a night of drinking. The headache sets in, the pains are kicking at your stomach, your mouth is as dry as the desert, and you have little to no energy. But, what if we told you a hangover can be prevented before it even hits you?

Well, two Yale seniors, Liam McClintock and Margaret Morse, partnered with Yale alumni to beat the hangover symptoms and wake up feeling as refreshed as ever after a night of partying. Before their graduation, the two had already raised $38,000 in order to market their product. 

The hangover cure is called SunUp. It is a powder supplement made of 15 different ingredients that you dissolve in water and drink before you go out pounding shots. The product calls for science to counteract the buildup of acetaldehyde, glutamine rebound, inflammation, and the loss of vitamins and electrolytes.

Although experts would say sobriety is the best cure for a hangover, that is just unrealistic for college students. SunUp is still working on further developing their product, but for now, the company is still looking for funding. A $5 donation will even score you a packet of SunUp to test on your own. Now get drinking without the hangover! 

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