Advice for if You Don’t Get Along with Your Housemate’s Partner

Shared housing can be a challenge. Trying to navigate the tricky world of rented accommodation with fellow young adults can be difficult, and it’s even worse when you don’t get along with your housemates. However, if you do get along with your housemates but are less keen on one of their partners, this can also be a struggle. If this situation sounds familiar, then here is some advice.

Try to Understand How Other Housemates Feel

It might be clear from behavioral cues that your other housemates either love the partner or feel similarly to you. If it’s not so obvious, then you could consider talking to them, although be careful that it doesn’t turn into an unhelpful rant. If you have similar opinions then it can be helpful to know you’re on the same page, and you can discuss whether you want to try to address the issues.

Talk to the Housemate if You Feel the Need to

You should try to work out whether the issues bothering you are serious or not. This is where talking to other housemates can help. If you decide that the issues need addressing, then gently bring this up with the housemate whose partner it is. They might not realize and can have a chat with their partner about the issues. 

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