Best Ways to Prevent Your Dormmate From Taking Your Things

One of the most common problems that many students face when living in a dorm is a dormmate who casually “borrows” their things. If you’re looking for ways to avoid this issue before it even happens, here are some useful tips you should keep in mind.

Set Boundaries

To avoid dealing with roommate theft, set clear boundaries right away. Agree on shared and personal possessions with your dormmate as soon as you move in to make it crystal clear which items are off-limits. Set general guidelines for both of you to follow so it would be clearer when someone breaks them.

Recognize Bad Patterns

Even after setting boundaries with your dormmate, they may still take your things, but it’s important to recognize if this is a bad pattern or just an exception. Small incidents, such as your dormmate borrowing laundry detergent or milk because they ran out of it and the store is closed, are not worth making a fuss about, but you should react if they keep on happening.

Hide Your Valuables

Hiding your things may seem too drastic when you’re sharing a dorm with someone, but it will take some time before you can trust them fully. Consider investing in a safe where you can keep your most important possessions out of sight and avoid leaving any valuables out in the open.

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