Bible Pushers Are Becoming More Permanent In Universities

The bible teaches different lessons that many devout followers try to live by. In today’s world, there are many very religious people who try to follow each bible verse to a T and there are others who try to incorporate the positive religious influences portrayed by the bible into their everyday lives. Most people, nowadays, even if they have read the bible, do not follow every commandment and every verse exactly as stated in the bible.  People nowadays more freely commit what the bible would call sins without fear that them gossiping about their friend’s haircut or sleeping with someone before marriage will send them straight on a fiery path to Hell. However, there are still some people who believe that they are the best suited to tell people which decisions to make so that they can live a life free of sin. Some of these people are the bible pushers that are typically seen on college campuses across the nation.

These people who decide to stand in the middle of your school’s quad with a megaphone and a poster that reads “All Homosexuals are Going to Hell” are what you could call, well, the leprosy of college campuses everywhere. These people who strongly believe that they are preaching the words of the bible are, in fact, seriously misguided. Screaming at students to not have sex, to not give in to homosexual desires, and to not associate with sinners are seriously stuck in a different era. Nowadays, college students, even those who are religious see these people preaching as bigots and arrogant people who are preaching hatred instead of love.  And while it is important to be respectful of everyone’s opinion, sometimes it is entertaining to engage in some conversation with these preachers because typically, they aren’t as educated in their religion as they think they are.

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