Challenges For The Introverted Extrovert In College

How would one describe an introverted extrovert? Unlike some may think, it doesn’t involve a multiple personality disorder. Many people think that people can either be classified strictly as one category or the other and that mixes of the two character traits don’t exist. But, if you are someone who has a lot of friends and enjoys going out occasionally but equally enjoys spending alone time in your room watching Netflix or reading a good book, then may you are an introverted extrovert.

For those who consider themselves to be introverted extroverted, there are definitely some social challenges that you will encounter once you enter college. For one, maybe you enjoy going out, but are never the one to be the life of a party. This may make going to bars and parties a little less fun when all of your outgoing friends decide to get on stage and dance.

Challenges For The Introverted Extrovert In College

If you are an introverted extrovert, sometimes you physically just won’t be able to let as loose as the rest of your friends and you may feel slightly awkward standing there while they are all dancing and jumping around drunkenly. Your friends may also try to get you to go out more than you’re up for. Some people can go out and party every single night of the week. However, if you are an introverted extrovert, you will most likely need to take a break from the party scene in order to have some alone time to relax and decompress.

There is nothing wrong with being an introverted extrovert. Some people just need a little more time to themselves in order to keep their minds refreshed and their mental sanity. Don’t let people pressure you or make you feel lame for wanting to stay in some nights instead of going out. If they are your real friends, they’ll understand.

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