How to Make Sure That Your “Girl Dinner” is Both Tasty & Healthy

TikTok has given us countless amazing food trends over the years, and “girl dinner” is among the latest to create a lot of commotion. As a college student, you’ll certainly find the idea of a low-maintenance dinner that doesn’t require special cooking skills pretty appealingbut our brief guide will also help you keep it healthy.

No Unhealthy Snacks

“Girl dinner” is all about enjoying your favorite snacks, but that doesn’t mean you should eat a bag of chips and a whole chocolate bar late in the evening. Try to keep your “girl dinner” on a lighter side, and avoid sugary, salty, and greasy snacks.

Calorie Count

“Girl dinner” came under fire for promoting restrictive eating, but that’s not the main idea behind it. Replacing regular dinner with “girl dinner” has nothing to do with cutting your calorie count, and its main goal is to unapologetically enjoy your favorite snacks because you can’t be bothered to cook, so try to aim for around 500 calories per meal.

Balancing Act

The best way to make sure your “girl dinner” is healthy and nutritious is to find the perfect balance between the ingredients you’re going to use. In addition to fruits and vegetables, add some carbs through crackers and bread, protein through tofu or hummus, and healthy fats through cheese, avocado, and nuts.

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