Ideas to Help Prepare You for Study Abroad Life

Choosing to spend part of your studying experience abroad is such an exciting thing. You get to experience life in a totally different area and with different cultures all around you, and being a student will help you make connections in the area. But it is a huge step as well and something that requires plenty of preparation. Here are some useful things to remember when you are planning your trip. 

Research the Area

While it can be nice to explore somewhere once you arrive and learn about the local attractions, it’s also good when you are going to be living somewhere to have an idea in your head of what’s on offer in the area. You may well discover that there are clubs or evening classes in which you’d love to get involved, or simply a nearby green space that you’d love to explore. 

Buy a Phrasebook

It’s a great idea to try to learn some of the language of your area and a phrasebook can be helpful for a concise, accessible way to learn some words and phrases. 

Check and Switch Your Mobile Phone Plan

As exciting as studying abroad is, you’ll no doubt want to have some catch-up calls with your loved ones while you’re away. It’s important to double-check before you go what your current plan offers in terms of international calls and switch it if needs be.

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