A Quick Guide to the LSAT

Defining the LSAT Test

LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. This standardized test is taken by every student who wants to be admitted to an American Bar Association-approved law school. The test assesses the student’s verbal and reading reasoning ability and is sponsored by LSAC (Law School Admission Council).

A Quick Guide to the LSAT

Registration for the LSAT

Students can take the LSAT in February, June, October, and December, and it is administered on a Saturday. For people who observe the Sabbath on Saturday, arrangements can be made for them to take the test during the week. Registration can be done online, through the post office or by phone. Students are charged $118 if they want to sit for the LSAT – late registration incurs a fee of $60.

A Quick Guide to the LSAT

LSAT Breakdown

The test is comprised of three main sections with an additional writing section that is not scored. Students are given 35 minutes to tackle each section.

Logical Reasoning

In this section, a student is given a short passage to read. The passage contains an argument that is meant to assess the student’s ability to reason logically.

Analytical Reasoning

This portion asks students to pinpoint relationships and draw conclusions from them. These conclusions must be logical.

Reading Comprehension

This part of the test has four passages that students must read. Each passage has its own set of 5-8 questions based on what is contained in the passage.

Writing Sample

Even though they don’t score the writing sample, it is sent to every law school that accepts the results of the LSAT. The sample is used to gorge your reasoning and writing ability by these law schools.


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