Don’t Be A Broke College Student Anymore

Everyone knows the term “broke college student”. This term is typically used by students who either want to get out of paying for something or who legitimately have no extra money to spend because of their crippling student loans and debt.

Many students decide to dabble into the local job industry and opt to work for fast food chains, restaurants, coffee shops, and more. However, those jobs can be draining and sometimes have long and inconvenient hours. Sometimes because you’re a student, you get stuck with lousy work hours, trash duty, and dish duty.

For students who are looking to make some extra cash but also are looking to maybe build up their resumes, being a student ambassador is a very good option.

Now, be careful. Not all ambassadorships are paid. However, many of them are and offer some sort of stipend or hourly compensation. Ambassadorships exist for clothing companies, marketing firms, small and large businesses, and many other companies. A quick google search will undoubtedly lead you to a load of options and online applications are usually pretty easy to complete.

Along with the extra cash, being an ambassador looks great on a resume and future employers will live the fact that you opted for an ambassadorship with a company during your time at school.

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