Should You Hire A Consultant To Help You Through Sorority Rush

Sorority recruitment week is often depicted in popular movies as a week-long event full of sleepovers, fraternity parties, and wearing a ton of pink clothing. And while a lot of the sorority recruitment scenes in movies are exaggerated, there is a bit of truth to them. Sorority recruitment, or rush week as it is more widely known, is a week full of thousands of girls trying to impress their way into the sorority of their dream. For many girls, this can be a very stressful and anxiety-inducing experience.

For rush, especially at very southern schools, the stakes to get into a good sorority are extremely high as your sorority will likely define your college career.

Should You Hire A Consultant To Help You Through Sorority Rush

One woman, Pat Grant, has found a way to help some of these anxious PNMs, or potential new members. Grant founded Rushbiddies which is a Birmingham based consultancy that is dedicated to preparing girls for a rush week. Grant, herself, was in a sorority at Auburn University and founded her consultancy in 2009 after helping her daughter through her own rush week at Auburn.

Now Grant works with mom and their daughters and coaches the girls through the rushing process. Sessions typically cost $100 for a 90-minute session. She prepares girls for virtually every scenario from dress codes to meeting GPA requirements to getting letters of recommendations. Grant’s most popular package costs $1500. This package includes 40 hours of text, chat, Skype, and workbooks. Through this system, Grant managed to get all 20 of her students into their top 2 house.

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