The Pros and Cons of Communal Living as a Student

Housing options as a student are often less than desirable. Having a limited budget restricts your options and means the properties available are often lacking. As a student, you may have the option to have your own living space or to share it with others. There are huge pros and cons to both of these, so here is a brief rundown of the good and bad sides of communal living.

Can Share the Cost of Bills

It often works out that paying bills for one person is less cost-efficient than having multiple people split the cost between them. This can make living independently much more affordable and achievable. 

There Can be Conflicts About Money

Splitting the cost of bills with others can cause complications. If there is disagreement about how much each person owes then this is a difficult situation to navigate.

It Can be Lovely to Share the Space

If you get along well with your housemates, then communal living can be amazing. Having friendly people around and sharing meals and daily activities is a great experience.

Or it Can be Challenging

On the other hand, if there are housemates that you don’t get along too well with, then communal living can be a nightmare. Trying to discuss household chores or social issues with housemates that you don’t get on with can be really difficult. 

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