This College Campus Has a New Kind of Vending Machine

We already have heard about universities handing out condoms on campus, but this new idea that has been practiced at UC Davis is more innovative than anything we’ve seen colleges before in regards to birth control and feminine care.

UC Davis is the first college to have an emergency contraceptive vending machine on campus. In the school’s Activities and Recreation Center, there is a vending machine called “Wellness-To-Go” filled with $30 Plan B, condoms, lube, and feminine hygiene products. This vending machine also has pain relievers and allergy medications.

This College Campus Has a New Kind of Vending Machine

This machine is the idea of a senior at the school named Parteek Singh who has been working for two years to get this idea implemented and for the machine to be installed on campus. “I think these are just basic resources that students need on campuses,” he told the paper.

“Most college students are sexually active … and these resources should be provided to them.” Singh came up with this idea after his friend was unable to find any emergency contraceptives on campus. The health center on campus, which is the only other place to get these emergency contraceptives, closes at 5 pm on weekdays and is closed on the weekends- which is when people are the most sexually active.

Singh’s goal is to bring the idea of the “Wellness-To-Go” machine onto other college campuses as well.

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