What Should You Do With Your Old Class Notes?

You know that feeling when a new semester is about to start and you have to free up space for new textbooks and notebooks, but you still haven’t gotten rid of the old ones? We’ve all been there since old class notes can be quite a conundrum, but here are some of the best ways to deal with them.

Keep Important Notes

There’s nothing wrong with keeping some of your old notes, but it’s unlikely you’ll need all of them. Focus on only preserving the notes that may come in handy in the future because they’re relevant to your field of study.

Digital Copies

If you want to keep your notes without having them take up too much space, digital copies are a way to go. Scan your notes or use your summer break to practice your typing skills and transcribe them instead. Make sure to organize them on your computer and save them on the cloud so you can easily access them whenever you need them.

Donate & Share

In case you no longer need your notes, consider donating them to a college library or sharing them with younger students who could find them helpful.

Recycle Old Notebooks

If you don’t find anyone to donate your notes to, the last thing you can do is recycle them or consider upcycling them if you enjoy working on DIY projects.

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