Why Are You Falling For the Wrong Guy

Why do women fall for the bad guy, the one that doesn’t care, call back or has any intention to get serious with them? There are many reasons why it happens. In most cases, women who fall for these kind of guys have very low self-esteem. They simply believe that they doesn’t deserve more and associate their partner’s bad behavior with their imperfections.

On top of that, most of these women are afraid of being alone. So they’d rather being with a bad guy than no guy at all. Another kind of girl is the one who thinks she can change him. She wants to be her exception at all cost, she is patient with him and tries to affect him. Or instead, these women cannot tell what’s really important for them in a man. They focus on the physical appearances or how much money he’s making and so on. Or maybe, you just have a relationship pattern from which it’s hard to get out and you always look for the bad guys.

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