Why is This Model Dangling from Skyscraper for a Photoshoot?

Who said modeling is easy? This model just proved the world in what crazy conditions the photoshoot are taken sometimes.

Instagram model Viktoria Odintsova literally dangled off the edge of the 1,000 foot-tall Cayan Tower in Dubai for a photo. She just clung to an assistant’s hand and dangled from the high building. She was not wearing any safety harness to prevent her fall.

The 22-year-old just stood dangling giving one hand to the assistant. The photo gained now 350,000 views but viewers are not positively impressed. “Stupidity at its finest,” commented one. People didn’t take it well and they are actually worried that this could become a trend among youngsters who always copy what known people on social media do.

So please don’t try this at home, don’t risk your life for a picture, don’t go crazy to get attention, this is not worth your life. If and only if you’ll find yourself in such situation, make sure all the safety precautions are taken and have an equipment to prevent you from falling. Otherwise, this could be the last picture ever taken of you.

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