Why Pilates Might be the Stress Busting Solution You’re Looking For

If you’re feeling anxious and stressed by college life, the chances are lots of people have advised you to up the amount of physical activity you’re doing. This advice is often given in good faith, but in fact, for some people, certain forms of exercise can increase stress and agitation. On top of this, the risk of developing an injury from high-impact or high-cardio sports such as running can cause more problems than they solve. Check out these reasons to try pilates as an ideal stress-busting activity which many people use to help them unwind and relax after a long day.

Breath Work

Pilates teachers and practitioners will be highly aware of their breathing, and a good class teacher should encourage you to pay attention to yours. Checking in with our breathing is one of the key ways of monitoring and reducing our stress levels, so getting accustomed to doing this through pilates can help you in all areas of life.

Flexible Thinking

As your body is strengthened and conditioned by pilates, you should find your mind adjusting and opening up to a more positive way of thinking. Low-impact exercises including pilates and yoga have been scientifically proven to support people to overcome low levels of depression and anxiety, so giving pilates a go is definitely worth a try if you’re struggling with your stress at the moment.

Focus Fully

Giving yourself permission to focus on an activity such as pilates for a set amount of time can reduce your anxiety relating to your studies, and improve your overall wellbeing as you take time out from stressing about exams and coursework. Give yourself time to get used to your new habit, and before you know it, pilates will be an essential part of your week.

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